This is Me

Hi, I’m Deek, videographer and sculptor. Welcome.
My hands had grown restless in an environment where the only thing they made was the keys clack at my computer. But in 2020, when the world went awry, I decided it was time to make some changes too and invested in my creative passion, teaching myself how to sculpt.

I’d been a figurine collector for some years, but desired more unique, dynamic figures. So, I took my electronics training and combined them with my flair for art. With these skills have evolved distinctive sculptures, with added features such as lights and sound.

Now, as well as sharing with a growing community on Twitter and Instagram, I also stream on Twitch and post to YouTube. Though my personal inspiration comes from movies and games, I am open to commissions of anything. Large statues my usual scale, evident with my two favourite sculpts standing at 35” (90cm) and 33” (~85cm). If you would like to see these sculpts, look for Nemesis, Resident Evil and Tank Girl, respectively, in my portfolio.

Interested? Get in contact, let’s make your vision a reality.